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Auditions for Music Man will be held August 17-19
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See A Show! Be in a Show!

Check out one of our family Broadway classics coming to a stage near you! OR see yourself on stage! Students enrolled in classes (ages 8-18) are eligible to audition.

CYT shows are always appropriate for the entire family and are an excellent way to introduce children to the arts at a young age! In addition to producing a full-length Broadway-style musical on stage, our lobby is always bustling with the excitement of a carnival, from a wide selection of refreshments to show-themed souvenirs!

We offer special performances for FIELD TRIPS!

2017-2018 Season

Fall 2017 - " The Music Man "

Audition Dates: August 17-18
Callbacks: August 19

Performance Dates: October 26-29
Location: LSU Shaver Theater
Director: Christian Vige'
Assistant Director: Karen Wagley
Choreographer: Jonna Cox
Music Director: Christian Vige

Winter 2018 - "The Little Mermaid"

Audition Dates: November 30 - December 1
Callbacks: December 2

Performance Dates: March 8-11
Location: LSU Shaver Theater
Director: Karen Wagley
Assistant Director:
Music Director: Christian Vige

Spring 2018 - "Willy Wonka, Jr"

Audition Dates: March 22-23
Callbacks: March 24

Performance Dates: May 24-27
Location: LSU Shaver Theater
Director: Rosie Witcher
Assistant Director: Rebekah Rainey
Music Director: Christian Vige

Audition Information

Auditions are a wonderful way for students to gain self-confidence and experience in performing in front of people. Currently enrolled CYT students ages 8-18 are invited to audition for any one of the CYT productions each session.
To find specific information about the show you would like to audition for click on the show:


1. SIGN UP: Once you register for class, you will receive a confirmation email with the audition sign up link included. Choose your audition time at that link.
2. PREPARE: You will need a 1 min. monologue, and a 1 min. song
3. AUDITION DAY: Show up for your audition 30 minutes early. Bring your Audition Form, including headshot, to sign in.
NEW: Auditions will be open for all to watch. Callbacks will be closed.
We will take 5 at a time. You will learn choreography the first 30 minutes. Then, your group of 5 will perform the choreography for the Artistic Team.
Individual auditions will follow.
Callbacks will be only for those we need to see again for any number of reasons.

Audition Tips
  • You are limited to one minute for song and one minute for monologue. Show the best of your talents!
  • Introduce yourself with energy and confidence.
  • Smile, project, make eye contact with the directors, and be well prepared in every way.
  • Sing an appropriate song in your range – a children’s song or show tune is recommended.
  • Bring sheet music (preferred) or an instrumental-only song on ipod.
  • Add some movement or dance.
  • Perform a monologue or dance routine or other special skill if you aren’t a singer.
  • You will be asked to learn and perform a short dance routine with a group.
  • For more detailed information CLICK HERE.

If you are cast...
  • You must be at all rehearsals for which you are scheduled. If an absence is necessary, permission must be received from the Area Coordinator or Stage Manager. Any cast member missing more than two rehearsals may not be able to participate in the show. Conflicts (other than illness) after casting are not allowed.
  • All conflicts must be listed at the time of auditions, and will be taken under consideration during casting. Conflicts, other than illness, reported after casting will require that you drop the show.
  • You may not leave rehearsal early.
  • You must commit to approximately 40 hours of rehearsal time before move-in and dress rehearsal week.
  • You must attend Super Saturday and all dress/tech rehearsals.
  • You must be at all performances. This may include missing one day of school.
  • You must pay a Production Fee of $175 by Production Fair, which is the Sunday after callbacks. If you need to work out a payment plan, please make a half payment at Production Fair and see the Managing Director about the rest of the payment.
  • Your parents must agree to attend two parent meetings and to serve approximately 20 hours on a production committee. An "Adult Sponsor" may volunteer these hours in the place of a parent and designate the hours to a cast member.
Parents must agree to the following:

I realize that if my child is chosen for the cast, I will be responsible to make sure he/she attends every performance and every rehearsal for which he/she is scheduled. In case of illness, I will notify the Area Coordinator or Stage Manager in advance. In order to ensure the quality of rehearsals and the production, I understand that two or more absences may result in dismissal from the show. I understand that students who audition are NOT eligible for a class tuition refund. I understand that my child may audition for one area/show only each session. I understand that I will be charged a $175 Production Fee for the 1st child, $160 for the 2nd child and $145 for each additional child. I am also responsible for personal items (i.e., shoes, tights, make-up). I understand that I will be required to attend two parent meetings and to volunteer 20+ hours and work at 2 shows as part of a parent committee.
2017-2018 Season
School Day Performances
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