Dear CYT Community,

I have to make a disappointing announcement. Our Spring show, GODSPELL, has been cancelled.

Here's why our board has voted to make this hard decision:

1) The Federal Government is pursing containment of the Coronavirus, which (amongst other tactics) includes social distancing and the cancelling/postponement of large gatherings.

The CDC has said: "Officials may ask you to modify, postpone, or cancel large events for the safety and well-being of your event staff, participants, and the community."

2) LSU (where our theater is located) has canceled all on-campus events of 30 attendees or more through May 30.

Summer camp registration will continue. We will monitor the situation week by week, and let you know of any changes.

David Rainey
Managing Director,
CYT Baton Rouge

Dates / Times:

Ticket Prices:

LSU Shaver Theater:

Music & Dramatic Arts Building, Dalrymple Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70802