High School Youth Pursuing Excellence!

What is HYPE?
A group of High School students committed to growing in leadership at CYT. Their primary function is to gain leadership training and demonstrate leadership by participating in service projects, social events, fundraisers, and training retreats/teambuilding events.

Am I eligible?
1. In high school and between 14 -- 18 years old (* before Sept. 30)
2. Actively involved in CYT (for at least a year)
3. Demonstrate excellent character and a passion for leadership
4. Dedicated to at least one year of service to HYPE

1. Participate in at least two class sessions and one show in one year
2. Participate in a retreat over the summer
3. Participate in a bi-monthly meeting (held during class night)
4. Participate in all HYPE events

There will be a small fee for a team t-shirt and a fee for retreat cost.

Applications are turned in during Spring class session.
Interviews will be held before Spring Showcase.
HYPE team will be announced at Spring Showcase.