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This is your "one stop shop" for all information and forms related to the show and other CYT Program info: everything from the audition process ... to parent production teams... to the cast party.

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Parent Production Teams

How are Parents Involved in the Show?

Unlike many children’s theater programs, parents are essential to CYT. Not only does CYT welcome parents to all aspects of our program, CYT requires parent involvement at a number of levels. First and foremost, CYT depends on parents to get their children to class, to rehearsals, and to shows on time and prepared.

If your child is cast in a show, there are two mandatory Parent Meetings (one at the Production Fair - the day after callbacks - and one midway through the 10-week session) that will give you all the information you need for the weeks to come. Each cast member must have at least one parent (or representative 18 years or older) attend these meetings.

Likewise, at least one parent (or adult family representative) is required to be involved in preparing for the session production. CYT has found that “Parent Production Teams” are the best way to get the essential jobs done! You will actively serve on both 1) a Pre-Production Team before the show and 2) a Show Week Team during the show. Working side by side enables families to share a common goal.

Parent volunteer hours

In a nutshell, parents will volunteer 20 hours before show week & 3 nights during show week. Here are the details.

There are two phases of parent volunteering during a show session:

1) Pre-Production phase: Parents work a minimum of 20 hours on a Parent Production Team before the show. 

2) Show Week phase: during show week, one adult family member will work 1 tech or dress rehearsal and 2 shows. During this phase, some parents will switch to a new Production team, and some parents will stay on the same Production team during show week.

Parents will sign up for their Pre-Production Teams at the Production Fair which happens the day after auditions. Parents will sign up for Show Week Teams during the Second Parent Meeting (which is mandatory).


First Time Families

Is this your first show? Here's a quick timeline-based overview of what to expect (for both students and parents):

 1. Classes - you need to sign up in order to be in a show
 2. Auditions - you need to sign up to get an audition time. This can be done on your family account.
 3. Callbacks - you may or may not get called back for more auditioning
 4. Production Fair - if you are cast, this meeting is a must for kids & parents
 5. Show Crew - if you are not cast, you can still sign up to volunteer for Show Crew
 6.  Rehearsals - 2 nights per week for 10 weeks
 7. Parent Production Teams - Parents must volunteer 20 hours before the show & 3 nights during show week. NOTE: For the safety of your children, we require all Parent Production Team volunteers to take a 30 minute (online) Child Safety Training class and to give consent to have a background check run.
 8. 2nd Parent Meeting - sign up for 2nd half of production team (to work during show week)
 9. Character nights at Chick-fil-a - there are usually 2 - both optional but highly enjoyable
10. Performances - there are 5-6 performances - all during one week
11. Strike - after last show, everybody cleans up (then we go to Jason's Deli...yum)
12. Cast Party - a week after the last show, all cast and crew celebrate - lots of fun!

Rinse and Repeat

Audition Information

Auditions are a wonderful way for students to gain self-confidence and experience in performing in front of people. Currently enrolled CYT students ages 8-18 are invited to audition for any one of the CYT productions each session.

(If you are looking for Christian Community Theater, then please click here to go to the CCT page.)


1. SIGN UP (either when you register for class, or on your family account later)

2. PREPARE: You will need a 1 min. monologue, and a 1 min. song (see the "PDFs" Button at the top of the Info Hub page for more info.)

3. COMPLETE AUDITION FORM - Complete your digital Audition Form and submit. The link to this form will be sent to you in the class confirmation email after you register for class.

4. AUDITION DAY: Show up for your audition 30 minutes early. Bring your headshot to sign in and bring your music (sheet music or downloaded on a device).

Note: you will not be able to audition without the completed audition form and an actual printed photograph.

Auditions will be open for all to watch. We will take 5 at a time. Your group of 5 will each perform your monologue and song. Dance call will be on Saturday morning for all auditioners. Callbacks are held on Saturday after the Dance call and are closed. Callbacks will be only for those we need to see again for any number of reasons.

Auditions are held at different locations throughout the year. We will give specific details at the Parent Orientation on the first night of class.

Audition Tips
  • You are limited to one minute for song and one minute for monologue. Show the best of your talents!
  • Introduce yourself with energy and confidence.
  • Smile, project, make eye contact with the directors.
  • Sing an appropriate song in your range – a children’s song or show tune is recommended.
  • Bring an instrumental-only song on a digital device (phone, ipad, etc).
  • Perform a monologue.
  • Please see the "PDFs" Button at the top of the Info Hub page for the Audition Manual.
If you are cast...
  • You must be at all rehearsals for which you are scheduled. If an absence is necessary, permission must be received from the Show Coordinator or Stage Manager. Any cast member missing more than two rehearsals may not be able to participate in the show. Conflicts (other than illness) after casting are not allowed.
  • All conflicts must be listed at the time of auditions, and will be taken under consideration during casting. Conflicts, other than illness, reported after casting will require that you drop the show.
  • You may not leave rehearsal early.
  • You must commit to approximately 40 hours of rehearsal time before move-in and dress rehearsal week.
  • You must attend Super Saturday and all dress/tech rehearsals.
  • You must be at all performances. This may include missing one day of school (excuses will be given upon request).
  • You must pay a Production Fee of $210, due on the day of Production Fair.
  • You must attend the Production Fair, which is the Sunday after callbacks.
  • You need to update your Bio Paragraph by the day of the Production Fair (do this on your family account).
  • Your parents must agree to attend two parent meetings and to serve 20 hours on a Parent Production Team in addition to working two shows. An "Adult Sponsor" may volunteer these hours in the place of a parent and designate the hours to a cast member.
  • If student is offered a role, we will assume the student accepts. If they reject the role, please let Show Coordinator know before the production fair.
Please see the "PDFs" Button at the top of the Info Hub page for the Audition Manual.

Parents must agree to the following:

I realize that if my child is chosen for the cast, I will be responsible to make sure he/she attends every performance and every rehearsal for which he/she is scheduled. In case of illness, I will notify the Show Coordinator or Stage Manager in advance. In order to ensure the quality of rehearsals and the production, I understand that two or more absences may result in dismissal from the show. I understand that students who audition are NOT eligible for a class tuition refund. I understand that I will be charged a $210 Production Fee for each child cast in the show which is due on day of Production Fair. Production Fees are non-refundable.

I am also responsible for personal items (i.e., shoes, tights, make-up). I understand that I will be required to attend two parent meetings and to volunteer 20+ hours before the show and 3 nights during show week as part of a Parent Production Team. Click here for Production Fee policy

Please Watch this Casting Process Video:

Production Fair

What is it?          The Production Fair kicks off the show session. It is a mandatory meeting for all cast members & at least one parent (or adult representative).  At this meeting, the Show Director will share her vision and expectations for the show. Also, many other things will be accomplished at this meeting: keep reading!

When is it?         Sunday (the day after Callbacks) at 2pm.  Location:  To be announced during the parent meeting on the first night of classes.

  • Have their headshot photos taken
  • Pick up their script (must have completed Bio paragraph on Family Account on website before script can be given)
  • Have their first meeting with the Artistic Team for show summary and team-building activities

  • Meet with Show Coordinator to get an overview of the session
  • Sign up for a Pre-production team (Costumes, Sets, Props, Marketing, Rehearsal Monitors)
  • Pay Production Fee (on family account on website) Due on the day of Production Fair
  • Consent to Background Check (using link emailed to you) and child safety training
Click here for Production Fee policy